I live in Denver with my husband and two kids, where I work full time for an internet startup, and my husband works part time and is a stay at home dad. I love any activity in the outdoors with the favorites being camping, hiking and running. I also love to cook and read, and am trying my hand at sewing. As a family we love to go camping, most recently to Arches National Park. We love to explore Colorado and all it has to offer.

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Shots in Fruit!

This makes a shot healthy, right?! This recipe is from another blog that I’ve been reading for several years and Maggie comes up with a lot of genius ideas, including this one.

With two small children to take care of, we’re not doing a ton of shots around here, but I think these are an excellent appetizer and drink all in one and would be great for a party. Like, say, this weekend! This has me thinking, what other fruit would this work with?

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