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Tips for Local Brunching

Summer is here. It may only be May, but it’s beautiful out and in the 80s! One of my two favorite things to do is go for walks with my husband, baby and dog. The other is to eat brunch.

In my neighborhood, just north of the Highlands in Denver, there are several quaint places to eat, but not many within walking distance. That’s why I was so happy that Hash opened near us — it’s less than a mile away, serves local and organic food and is affordable.

While we had a great meal there today — the bomb hash and iced coffee — we’ve had poor experiences at Hash and elsewhere, in the past. Here are my tips to make your brunch as enjoyable as possible:

    • Avoid weekends after 9 a.m. Denver is a brunch place. We love our mid-morning meals. Save yourself stress and two-hour waits, and eat an early breakfast out if it’s the weekend.
    • Scope the area. Don’t bring your dog or your baby to a restaurant without being sure they’ll both be comfortable.
    • Check Yelp. Make sure the restaurant is open when you plan on going. Nothing is more frustrating than walking a mile with the hope of bacon awaiting you and finding a “closed” sign instead. Also, if the reviews are all bad, don’t waste your time.
    • Avoid chains. I have a rule:  if the cream for coffee doesn’t need to be refrigerated, the restaurant isn’t worth my time. Most chain restaurants have more processed food and less creative menus.
    • Branch out. Even if you’re not a foodie like me, try out new places. There are so many great places to eat around town; check the 5280 Rise and Dine list for suggestions.
    • Go bottomless. I’m talking drinks, not pants. Wear pants (or shorts, now that it’s summer)! But nothing goes better with a good brunch than some mimosas or fresh coffee, so let your hair down and enjoy!

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